Interview with a remarkable Cosmetic Surgeon

I’ve worked with some amazing people in my time in the film and television industry. Actors, writers, producers, directors, voice over artists, presenters, poets, artists, musicians and the like who work within the industry or on the edge of it in some capacity or other.

But since I’ve been working on “Property Success With Margaret Lomas“, I’ve come to meet some remarkable characters (including Margaret herself) and one of them came my way last week when we went to Double Bay to interview Cosmetic Surgeon Anoop Rastogi.

Although he performs all sorts of cosmetic work, Anoop specialises in Cosmetic Surgery for women and yes, the majority of his work is breasts.

Cosmetic Surgery

There’s been a lot said about the desire or the need or lack of it to have this sort of procedure done and until I met Anoop, I have to say I thought about it very little. It did not affect me, although as I watch my face ageing daily each time I shave I’ve given a bit of nip and tuck a second thought.

As soon as I met this man, shook his hand and looked through my lens into his eyes, I knew I was dealing with someone extraordinary. When the interview began and his story unfolded through my Sennheisers into my ears and made it’s way to my brain, I realised even further that I was so engaged in the story, that I’d stopped doing what I was there to do. I was so enthralled in the story and the man, that I’d stopped being a director and had become a viewer.

I pulled myself up sharply and reminded myself I’d have as much time as I want to look at the interview in the editing room later. I had no idea at that minute, just how challenging it was going to be to cut it down from thirteen minutes to four. Normally that’s relatively easy, there’s a lot of fat in most interviews and it’s simple to make the decisions about which bits stay and which bits get the flick.

Anoop’s father was a doctor and his mother was an artist. He believes this is the catalyst for being able to perform this delicate, exacting, sensitive and artistic surgery on those who choose to change the shape of their bodies. The results are spectacular.

Trustful Presentation

When you enter Anoop Rastogi’s rooms, you’re greeted by larger than life, very tastefully created pictures of nude women. These are the after shots. The photos taken after Anoop has performed his magic. His rooms are staffed entirely by young women who are obviously so well adjusted, that they have no problem with their surroundings. One of the things that is obvious immediately is that the staff loves working there. Well why wouldn’t they?, the environment is extremely favourable and their own words, the boss is a delight.

Anoop’s book, “BREASTART” is testament to the divine work he does. He is the Art Director and the photgraphers he used obviously know how to present the material in the best possible light.

As a person who, as a result of some personal disasters, had a certain skepticism about medical people generally, I find myself for some reason, trusting this man implicitly having spent only about two hours in his presence.

I failed to reduce the interview to four minutes. It was painful enough to cut it down to six. I have the extended version as well but it’s too long for the program. Great souvenir though.