Grey Wolf Films uses only broadcast quality equipment and industry professionals regardless of the production. A TV commercial, a feature film, a corporate video, a wedding, or a slideshow. The gear and the personnel are the same. The results are the same. Industry Broadcast Standard. Multiple Camera shoots with matching cameras Separate sound recording equipment Professional Editing facilities State of the Art Software Sound Mixing Facilities Colour Grading and correction Professional Specialist Editors & DVD Author


“Producing and directing is about knowledge, experience, talent, ability, empathy, organization, the list goes on but I think the big thing, especially when you don’t have complete control over your location and the people on it, is flexibility”. A lot of the work we do is in public places, where we don’t have the luxury of closed off sets, or work places where work cannot cease during production. Being accustomed to those sorts of environments prepares a Director and crew for just about anything.


“A good editor can make a complete disaster look brilliant”. “Bad editing can destroy an otherwise brilliant film” Editors are interpreters. They put together all the material like a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes it was collected with an idea and a script. Sometimes things go wrong in the field and Editors make a story out of it anyway. Other times things go exactly to plan and the editor’s job is easier. At Grey Wolf Films, there is 46 years of editing experience on hand all the time. At other times there is in excess of 100 years experience available. You’re invited to watch the magic happen, or you can go away and when you return, you’ll see the finish that the magic creates.